If the customer does not want to buy only the material, but prefers to order the stonework to be delivered „on a turnkey basis“, then after the stonework, our stonemasons – installers and pavers – take over the products to complete the work and prepare them ready for delivery to the customer. We install and pave all products from our range.

We have been advocating for a long time the certificate of quality management ISO EN 9001 and environmental management ISO EN 14001 not only for production, but also for the assembly of natural stone elements.

Cladding of the outdoor staircase

Cladding of the outdoor staircase

Staircase with ramp

Massive steps with 4/6 cm mosaic paving

Mercedes Benz, Prague Chodov

Paving slabs and tiles

Autohouse Chrysler, Vilnius

Polished paving slabs, stairs and tiles

Tactile paving slabs

Special construction elements made of granite, e.g. tactile granite paving for guide and signal paths with valid documents according to ČSN EN and ZÚS and SONS ČR certification.

Únětice Brewery

Paving slabs in the brewery yard

Prague Castle

Facings, floor slabs, stairs and a massive plinth for the TGM monument in front of the first gate on the 1st courtyard, paving made of large granite cubes on Vikárka and St. Jiří square, atypical pavements.

Klementinum, Prague

Pavement made of granite blocks

Jez Černošice

Weir and fish transit, river Vltava

Granite cubes

Ring binding, edging, paving, compaction, mosaics, transport

Plzeň-Jih railway station

Granite paving slabs, platform kerbstones

Panorama Golf Resort Kácov

Massive pillars, lintels and facings, embossed surface

Wilson Bridge, Pilsen


Historical centre, Tábor

Granite paving

Český Šternberk Castle

Entrance gate, paving stones and granite coat of arms

Prague Main Station

Granite paving on the platforms, granite floor slabs in the subways and stairway granite facings

Imperial Hotel, Karlovy Vary

Reconstruction of the entrance tract and staircase

Kinsky Garden, Prague

Pavements, staircases and car park

Kotnov Castle, Tábor

The courtyard and outdoor areas of the castle grounds

The Square of the Republic, Pilsen

Granite paving blocks, porphyry and granite slabs

Aura Palace Hotel, Karlovy Vary

Granite tiles and stairs, sandstone facings

Strakonice Castle

Granite pavements in courtyards

Old Town Square, Prague

Mosaic paving

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