We work with renowned artists and architects, prepare granite semi-finished products, and collaborate on creation. Their granite works are (were) often created directly in our plant with our help, for example, Zdeněk Hůla, Bohumil Teplý, Jaroslav Jurčák (✝2016), Jasan Zoubek, Václav Fiala, Jan Sobek, Miroslav Zubíček, Miroslav Machala…

We can produce solitaires and monolithic semi-finished products or entire works even where it may seem impossible at first glance. We usually have 500 – 1000 m3 of granite blocks in stock for stonework, of which there are always several blocks over 6 meters in size for artistic purposes. We will be happy to provide the artist with an equipped workplace using our technologies to complete the work.

We also manufacture unique originals to order, e.g. for historical buildings, private and sports grounds. Manual masonry work is often irreplaceable by mechanical methods. The granite solitaire then bears the handwriting of the creator – stonemason or stone sculptor.

Prague Castle

Facings, floor slabs, stairs and a massive plinth for the TGM monument in front of the first gate on the 1st courtyard, paving made of large granite cubes on Vikárka and St. Jiří square, atypical pavements.


"Keeper of Silence", two-part granite obelisk with levitating head, Česká zula Strakonice parking lot

Antibes, France

"Dancing at Antibes", a pair of two-piece granite obelisks


Center of Buddhism of the Diamond Way Těnovice from granite

Passau, Germany

The granite fountain at the Hiendl shopping center


Granite artifact "Obelisk of Freedom", Faculty of Law, Olomouc

Kralupy nad Vltavou

Corporate granite obelisk

Ústí nad Labem

Holocaust memorial


Granite commemorative plaque of the former barracks "In Hodonín as a Soldier..."

Pustevny - Radhošť

Granite blank for Radegast statue


Monument to the victims of World War II

Golf ball

Golf ball made of granite, diameter 36 cm


Coat of arms of the Unicorn company, well, training center Strachovice

Tennis balls

Granite tennis balls, diameter of 60 cm

Náměstíčko, Strakonice

Installation of massive granite elements Fountain and Dominant

Rožmberk pond

Water meter


Granite sculpture "Klatovy", height 4.5 m

Pod Emauzy square, Prague

Granite monument "Prague to Its Victorious Sons", polished granite monolith 10.5 m


Production and assembly of two granite obelisks "Thank you, America!"

Bratislava Castle

Granite plinth under the equestrian statue of Svatopluk

Český Šternberk Castle

Entrance gate, paving stones and granite coat of arms

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