Extraction and treatment of mineral raw materials, especially slate and granite, is a fundamental segment of the long-term strategy of the company PREMIOT těžební, a.s. which is part of the investment group Premiot Group, a.s.. In this context, two slate mines were acquired in 2020 and two granite quarries in 2021.

The main goals of PREMIOT těžební, a.s. (formerly Premiot Mining & Resources, a.s.) includes the renewal of mining and processing of slate for the purpose of noble production, the restoration of craftsmanship and the former glory of slate mines in Northern Moravia.

The strategy also envisages the acquisition of other mining acquisitions. The raw material deficit in the Czech Republic and the European Union continues to deepen.

We process proven domestic and imported granites into products with all certificates according to ČSN EN. We manufacture and assemble granite products for private customers, companies, and municipalities in the Czech and Slovak Republics and abroad.

PREMIOT těžební, a.s. is a memeber of the investment group PREMIOT Group, a.s.

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