Česká žula, a.s.

At our oldest quarry in the area of today's Vápenice I mining area, granite has been mined and stone-worked since 1908.

In 1930, a second mining pit was opened here and the first mentions of stonework businesses from this area began to appear.

At the beginning of the 1970s, a new mining area was established and granite mining began in the Vápenice I quarry.

In 1992, the company Česká žula spol. s r.o. was founded.

Since 1993, rough stone production has been expanded to include the production of paving stones and mosaics. New technological procedures in the mining of blocks were introduced and the mining area was significantly expanded.

History of Česká žula

2016 – 2019 Further modernization of rough stone production (RSP) and noble stone production (NSP) technologies
2010 Excavation of the largest raw block of 260 tons to date, used for the production of the plinth under the statue of Svatopluk for Bratislava Castle
2001 – 2007 Gradual installation and commissioning of other NSP machines, including a 12.0×1.25 m semi-automatic grinding machine and a 3500 mm large-diameter saw. Installation of a 60 ton truck scale
2000 Commencement of the construction of halls for noble stone production (NSP), commissioning of the first NSP machine – wire saws
1998 Excavation of the largest monolithic block of 14.5×1.5×1.5 m (approx. 80 tons) up to that time and its processing into a polished conical pylon 10.5×1.25×1.25 m for a replica of the granite monument in Prague, Under Emauzy „Prague to Its Victorious Sons“ (the original was torn down and destroyed during the protectorate), production and installation of the entire granite part of the monument (approx. 220 tons of limestone granite)
1993 Expansion of rough stone production (RSP) to include the production of paving stones, mosaics, introduction of new technological procedures in block mining, substantial expansion of the Vápenice I quarry within the mining area
1992 Establishment of ČESKÁ ŽULA spol. s.r.o.
1970 – 1972 Geological survey, determination of a new mining area and start of mining in the Vápenice I quarry
1930 The opening of the second mining pit and the first mention of the operation of stone trades in the area of MA Vápenice
1908 Commencement of mining and stone processing of granite in the area of ​​today's mining area (MA) Vápenice
350,000,000 years BC Creation and formation of the Central Bohemian pluton with both of our granite deposits Vápenice and Vápenice I

Těžba bloků v roce 1976
Bloková těžba v lomu Vápenice I
14m blok pro leštěný pylon pomníku „Praha svým vítězným synům“, nám. Pod Emauzy, Praha 2
Polotovary pro podstavec sochy Svatopluka I., Bratislavský Hrad
Těžba bloků v roce 1993
Skladové žulové bloky pro ušlechtilou výrobu
Vážení obchodní partneři,

chtěli bychom Vás informovat o plánované zimní technologické odstávce. Výrobní závod se uzavře 17. 12. 2022 a samotná výroba se spustí od 27. 2. 2023. Nakládka skladových výrobků bude možná od 9. 1. 2023.

Česká žula, a.s.

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